Minnesota Twins used waivers to get Joe Mauer’s attention

Baseball fans all around the country were wondering this week why the Minnesota Twins would place Joe Mauer on trade waivers.
The answer is simple. They did it to light a fire under their high-priced catcher.
The Twins have underachieved badly in the past two seasons and nobody on the team is more responsible than Mauer. Mauer is the most talented player on the Twins roster. He could hit .330 in his sleep. Unfortunately, he’s settled for playing at a below-average level for his skill set. Mauer was hitting below .310 when the waiver period was completed. The men in the Twins front office aren’t fools. They could see they weren’t getting their money’s worth from Mauer. A message had to be sent.
A recent Major League Baseball Network special didn’t include Mauer among the Top 10 catchers in baseball. Taking Mauer’s gargantuan salary into consideration makes that an even more glaring example of how he is under producing.
Were the Twins hoping to snag a trade partner by putting Mauer on waivers? Possibly, but not likely. After seeing the Los Angeles Dodgers throw away obscene amounts of money in the recent trade with Boston, anything is possible. That may be the greatest trade in Boston history, getting rid of three bloated contracts, when two of the players (Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett) have been complete wastes of money.
Could this waiver move open up the possibility of a future Twins’ trade of Mauer? Again, not likely, but now the door is open. There are teams with unending salary limits and needs for a catcher. Both Los Angeles teams fit that bill, along with Boston and the New York Mets.
If the Twins do trade Mauer, it will have to be more than a salary dump. As weak as the pitching is throughout the Twins system, the Twins would have to get back multiple top pitching prospects in any deal they would make for Mauer.