By trading Harvin, Minnesota Vikings create massive need

The trade of Percy Harvin had to happen. He had become such a pouty, whiny child that the Minnesota Vikings had no other option then boot him out of their playpen.
The trade of Harvin also creates a massive divide in the Vikings’ hopes to improve upon the major upturn they generated in the 2012 season.
By trading Harvin, the Vikings don’t have another number one receiver on their roster. In honesty, they don’t have a number two receiver on the roster either. If the Vikings can’t sign free agents Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings or Wes Welker to replace Harvin, their chances of continuing their progress will be stunted. And there are no guarantees with any of those three receivers either.
There are only three blue chip receivers in free agency. Wallace is the gem that has general managers drooling. He’s young, fast and a game-breaker. But he also showed in Pittsburgh last year that he can be a bit of a pouter too. The expected $10-12 million per year windfall coming his way should cheer him up.
If the Vikings are looking for a similar cog to Harvin, Welker is the closest replacement. He’s been better than Harvin at taking the short passes and creating big plays. Welker is one of the grittiest receivers in the NFL, but he’s taking a pounding through his career. How long his body will hold up is the big question every prospective team has to gauge.
Jennings has been an outstanding receiver for Green Bay, but it hasn’t been in the past two years. Injuries have taken their toll. He’s better suited to be a second receiving option now, but the Vikings don’t have that luxury. If they sign Jennings it will be as a top receiver, and they’ll have to wrap him in bubble wrap in hopes of keeping him injury free.
Give the Vikings credit for trying to clean up their roster of malcontents and trouble makers. Harvin stood out so negatively because the Vikings do have a positive mojo going. Adrian Peterson is one of the best leaders the team could ask for. Harvin seemed to be a festering scab on whatever success the Vikings experienced last season. The Vikings are no longer the Party Barge gang, getting rid of rotten apples like Randy Moss and Bryant McKinnie. Coach Leslie Frazier is trying to do things right, building a team of respect. Harvin didn’t respect the coaches and nobody on the team respected Harvin.