Confessions of a Vikings hater

Worse than cauliflower, liver and lima beans. Combined.
That’s how I was raised, to hate the Minnesota Vikings more than any of the other hates I know.
I have despised the Vikings since the late 1960s, when I first began following pro football. But the levels of hate have varied through the years. In the 1970s, when the Vikings had competitive teams under Coach Bud Grant, it was more an admirative hate, because the Vikings were a tough team that I could have admired if they’d worn a different uniform.
The Vikings of the 2000s were easily the most sickening of the Vikings teams. I was disgusted by the behavior of Randy Moss, Cris Carter, the soulless coaching of Denny Green, the robotic coaching of Brad Childress. That era of the Vikings was a blemish on the whole NFL. They took players with no character and glorified them, with no consequences for the revolting behavior that went unchecked off the field.
I must admit, the current version of the Vikings are more difficult to hate than their predecessors. After the initial reaction of wanting to bleach my tongue, I can say that there are Vikings that I don’t hate.
It starts with head coach Leslie Frazier. When Frazier was being considered as a possible head coach, I was hoping the Vikings wouldn’t hire him. Frazier seems to be such a decent, thoughtful person. I didn’t want to see someone who had such a good chance of succeeding being seleced as the Vikings’ head coach.
One of the swaying players that opened up the possibilities of tolerating the Vikings was defensive end Jared Allen. That’s almost by proxy, because I came to admire Allen when he was training with the Kansas City Chiefs in River Falls. Allen was down to earth and friendly with the fans. He seemed genuine and fun-loving. At that time he may have loved fun too much, but he seems to have grown into a more mature person.
In the off-season the Vikings added another class act from the Chiefs, quarterback Matt Cassel. He’s coming in to compete for a starting job, which should add some fire to the Vikings’ quarterback situation.
Outside forces are also at work trying to get me to soften my stance on the Vikings. Don’t ask me how, but two of our four kids have become Vikings fans. I feel like I’ve failed them, somehow.
Our daughter, Heather, took it another step last year. At a Vikings game, she won an autographed Christian Ponder jersey. To top that, she packaged it up and gave me the signed jersey as a Christmas present. What the heck is a Packer fan supposed to do with a Vikings jersey? I’m sure it is something that would look great framed, but I’m having a hard time displaying something purple and yellow in my house. I gave my wife grief when she wanted to plant purple and yellow flowers together in a bed. Something that is so “officially” Vikings would make me feel a bit like a traitor.
The best news is the NFL season is just about to begin. The competitive juices will begin to flow and I’ll find reasons to further dislike the Vikings. And all again will be right with the world.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Vikings hater

  1. To the Christmas present from your daughter I say “Welcome to the dark side” :)

    I was born with Purple blood so living in Wisconsin I do feel the wrath of eyes following me as I walk the streets of New Richmond in my Vikings Jacket, t-shirt, jersey, etc..

    I can say,that although as a Viking fan I “should” hate the Packers.. I don’t .. I won’t go so far as to cheer for them.. But I also don’t cheer against them..

    Well, unless it is the Vikings vs. Packers game then all bets are off!!! 😉

  2. You also give your Viking books away too. “Good article for a Packer fan but you know we feel the same way about the Packers{flowers and color combinations} but they are just sports teams and we still miss our freinds up that way in “God’s ” country whatever or whoever they “root” for.

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