Spring sports fans know how to accessorize

It’s easy to tell a spring high school sports fan.
They’re the ones whose car trunks are ready to burst because of all the coats, hats, gloves and boots they carry around to be ready for the unpredictable weather conditions that can sprout up for any outdoor sports event.
Dressing in layers is supposed to be for winter conditions, but any sports fan can tell you that having the clothes available to dress in layers is essential. To call spring weather unpredictable is a gross understatement. It’s not uncommon to need to add or subtract a couple layers of clothing during any sporting event, because spring weather can be that fickle. You can start a game putting on sunblock and be scrambling for earmuffs by the end of it.
Fans have it easy compared to the athletes. Prepared fans have a car full of clothing options. Athletes who ride a bus to events often don’t have the space to carry all the clothing options that are needed. It seem track athletes are the ones most prone to the effects of the weather, because they can have lengthy stretches of time between events. I can’t count the time I’ve seen track athletes who were chilled to the bone because they were caught by surprise by a cold turn in the weather forecast. Anyone who had a clothes concession booth at early season track meets could make a killing by selling warm, dry clothing to the fans and athletes who arrived unprepared.
The spring season starts out that way and by the end of the season, you see fans and athletes who should be treated for third degree burns because of the sunburns they get. Loving the sunshine is tricky. You can quickly go from reveling in its warmth to needing bottles of aloe to treat the burns you’ve received.
To athletes and fans, be prepared for anything when you attend sporting events in the spring. Because any weather conditions possible could crop up on any given day.