The fantasy football fanaticism

It has been reported that more than half of the adult males in the United States play some version of fantasy football.
Think about that for a minute. We can’t get that percentage of citizens to vote. We can’t get that percentage of American citizens to agree on much of anything.
But when it comes to our love of football, and the entirely legal way to gamble on football, American men flock to fantasy football at a mind-boggling level. The percentage of women playing fantasy football is also increasing rapidly.
What is it about football that makes it such a blissful marriage with the fantasy aspect? Such a high percentage of American males have played football at some level, whether it was in the backyard on a Sunday afternoon or in their school program. And a huge percentage of the people look back at those days with a wistful, glorified view, like it is bringing back the best of their youth.
While fantasy football is somewhat romanticized, it is also a big business. The fantasy football craze has spawned thousands of websites with their own versions of the game. It would be interesting to see how many people are making their living strictly by running fantasy sports websites. It has to be in the thousands. Everybody and their brother seems to have a fantasy football website. The esteemed sports sites like and have them. But so do websites like, and
There are even sites now that judge the accuracy of all the fantasy sites. Fantasy Librarian ( is one of the main websites dedicated to testing the validity of the picks of the different sports websites.
Some people have built pretty hefty sports reputations by being at the leading edge of fantasy sports. Paul Charchian of was one of the originators of fantasy football rankings. Charchian has parlayed his fantasy knowledge into a semi-regular role on KFAN radio. Honestly, he’s one of the best things about the station and if they had any sense, they’d be hiring him for a full-time gig. But he probably doesn’t need it, with all his fantasy ventures working so well.
For those who’ve played fantasy football throughout the years, they’ve seen it follow the changes that have happened in the NFL. In past decades, every team had running backs who would get 20 carries per game and the first rounds of every draft would be made or broken by selecting the correct running backs.
Those days are over. There are just a handful of teams that have one running back playing on all three downs and those players go in a hurry in fantasy drafts. But you have to be careful, because those running backs burn out quickly. People who drafted Arian Foster last year can tell you all about it.
In the past five years, quarterbacks and receivers have become just as valuable as the top running backs in leagues. It seems that more leagues are going away from the basic scoring to PPR (point per reception) or other equations to add spice to the league’s scoring. It does add interest and make league members pay closer attention to every game, which is exactly why the NFL is so happy to see the fantasy football crazy continue rolling merrily along.